Born in 1983, Tunisian visual artist Haythem Zakaria currently lives and works in France. His plastic creations largely impregnated with Sufi spirituality, put to use unconventional visual techniques (Glitch, meta-image, cine-process) which orient him and involves him into experimenting real time generative systems.

Thus, he is brought to explore process aiming “to over-direct” the image by way of integration, implantation, and superposition of formal visual or sound informations. These creations are the result of introspection towards the image, by the image and within the image. They reveal multiple and unsuspected universes producing some sort of visual scores which should be read or deciphered using immediate sensation and reflection.

In this respect, Haythem Zakaria has recently initiated a series of works on the letter « Alif », the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, which holds a widely secret symbolic. From this concern is born the project « Alif » which consisted in a series of drawings in Chinese ink on paper representing a succession of lines organized and connected in parallel.

The notion of “connection” associated to that of “Hidden/visible” act definitely at the heart of this digital artist’s creative activity whose preoccupations consist in creating interaction with the other and invite this other to open up a path towards the inner-self.

The image is like a vision that unveils, the same way the hidden part of the creative imagination unveils. The ANAMNESIS panoramic fresco reveals a place in the terrestrial desert crushed by the horizon where appears three entities, three “powers” containing and gathering in their volume, the human voice: the logo stands here, contracted, only as the other form of fundamental interrogation: what is the world?, what is the place of the self in the world? Unrolling this fragile thread which goes from the interiority towards the exteriority of the being, Haythem Zakaria operates a movement which aim is to nourish and concretize for our senses, a perception that incite a prolific perplexity.

Simple in their form, these works conceals significations that only unveil to those who, patiently, take the time to choose proper paths leading to them.

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“Metaxu. Poé(li)tique du voisinage”, B’Chira Art Center, Tunisia
“καιρός – desseins”, MAC Arteum, Châteauneuf-le-Rouge, Paris
“14 secondes”, Le 116 centre d’art contemporain Montreuil, Paris
“Jaou 2017”, Kamel Lazzar Fondation, Tunisia
“Interstices // Opus I”, solo exhibition, Institut Français de Tunisie, Tunisia
“Inframince”, Pépinières européennes, Fondation Hippocrène, Paris, France

“Tunisia, The New Picture”, Selma Feriani Gallery, Tunisian Embassy in London, UK
“Transmutations”, solo exhibition, Regard Sud Gallery, Lyon, France
“Ruthmos”, solo exhibition, Aïcha Gorgi Gallery, Tunisia
“Entrelacs”, Valerie Delaunay Gallery, Zamaken, Paris, France
“London Design Biennale”, Somerset House, London
“The Solo Project art fair”, solo exhibition, Zamaken, l’ART EST VIVANT, Basel, Swiss
“3ajel, le temps réel”, Aïcha Grogi Gallery, Talan, Tunisia
“Intension”, Masnaâ #4, Venise Cadre Gallery,Casablanca, Morocco
“Cairotronica”, Symposium of Electronic and New Media arts, Cairo, Egypt
“La poétique de l’éther”, solo exhibition, DDessin (16) art fair, atelier Richelieu, Paris, France

“The 999 Game”, Design Week Dubai
“Post African Futures”, The Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa
“All the world is a mosque”, Fondation Kamel Lazaar, JAOU, Tunisia
“Remini scences”, Aïcha Gorgi Gallery, Talan, Tunisia
“Il manque les noms sacrés”, solo exhibition, La Boîte, Tunis, Tunisia
“+216”, La Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille, France

“Circumambulation”, Aïcha Gorgi Gallery, Talan, Tunisia

“Little Big Crunch”, Plateforme Gallery, Paris, France
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“Fragile | HACH”, Hedi Turki Gallery, Tunisia
“Nuit Blanche”, French institute of Oran, Algeria
“Soirée Dessinée#6”, Talmart Gallery, Paris, France
“Place au 14 janvier”, Talmart Gallery, Paris, France

“BYOB”, Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin
“Objets son”, E-­-Fest festival, Abdellia palace, Tunisia
“Autoportrait”, B’Chira Art Center, Tunisia

“Frontières”, Les Bouillants festival, Rennes, France

“Festival CURRENTS”, Santa Fe, USA
“Festival RAFLOST”, Reykjavík, Island
“Festival City Sonics”, Mons, Belgium
“FEST”, Tunis, Tunisia


Kulturlabor, Goethe Institut, Tunisia
Svalholm – Danish Cultural Exchange & Performing Art, Denmark
Emile Zola, Junior High school, Choisy-le­-Roi, France