Born in Tunisia in 1983, Haythem Zakaria is a France-based transdisciplinary artist. Profoundly influenced by cosmogony and spirituality, his work is a constant experimentation of the possible conjunction of various systems and disciplines (sociology, economy, ethnography, etc.). In 2018, he won the Grand Prize of the Japan Media Arts Festival.

By basing his aesthetic practice on a transdisciplinary approach, Zakaria uses a considerable variety of tools and techniques. He explores, at each time, new methods in a continuous quest of archetypal figures, via new technologies (interactive programming, installations, different types of sensors, etc) but also through more classic mediums (photography, video, drawing, sculpture, etc.)

The art of Haythem Zakaria is prolix, exploring diverse forms, disciplines and fields of research, leaning on philosophical, mythological and theological references and readings. In Interstices, his latest work for which he received the Grand Prize of the Japan Art Media Festival, the artist resorts to simpler and more basic tools while preserving the digital aspect of his art.

Haythem Zakaria exhibited his work in Tunisia (“Jaou 2017”, “Circumambulation”, the solo exhibition “Interstices: Opus I”,…) and France (“Kaïros – desseins”, “14 secondes”, the solo exhibition “La poétique de l’éther”,…) but also in Belgium, England, Japan, Egypt, Morocco…Since 2010, the visual artist has created an oeuvre in which art becomes an epistemological research, and where aesthetic concerns meet social, spiritual and philosophical problematics
Because of the simplicity of its forms, the work of Haythem Zakaria is as hermetic as “reality” could be, and it reveals its multiple meaning only when observed patiently and thoroughly.

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“Gabès Cinema Fen: Stuttgart”,Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart“
“Festival Francophonie métissée #FFM29”, Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, Paris
“Time is Love.12”, Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin, New Zealand
“Time is Love.12”, WEOPENSPACE, Universal Feelings: Myths & Conjunctions,Vienna

“L’AntiChambre”, George V Art Center, Alta Volta Agency, Beijing, China
“LOVE & OTHER PERSPECTIVES”, The PICNIC Pavilion, Venice Biennale, Italy
“FORGOTTEN ENLIGHTENMENTS”, Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany
“L’AntiChambre”, Alta Volta Agency, Paris, France

“21st Japan Media Arts Festival”, National Art Gallery Tokyo, Japan
“Kerkennah 01”, Ghaya gallery, Kerkennah, Tunisia
“EL KAZMA”, La Boîte Un lieu d’art contemporain, Gabes, Tunisia
“Art Brussels, Discovery”, Discov, Aïcha Gorgi Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
“ La Boîte, 2007-2017”, La Chapelle Sainte Dominique Carthage, Tunisia
“Digi-poésie”, Under Construction Gallery, Paris, France

“Metaxu. Poé(li)tique du voisinage”, B’Chira Art Center, Tunisia
“καιρός – desseins”, MAC Arteum, Châteauneuf-le-Rouge, Paris
“14 secondes”, Le 116 centre d’art contemporain Montreuil, Paris
“Jaou 2017”, Kamel Lazzar Fondation, Tunisia
“Interstices // Opus I”, solo exhibition, Institut Français de Tunisie, Tunisia
“Inframince”, Pépinières européennes, Fondation Hippocrène, Paris, France

“Tunisia, The New Picture”, Selma Feriani Gallery, Tunisian Embassy in London, UK
“Transmutations”, solo exhibition, Regard Sud Gallery, Lyon, France
“Ruthmos”, solo exhibition, Aïcha Gorgi Gallery, Tunisia
“Entrelacs”, Valerie Delaunay Gallery, Zamaken, Paris, France
“London Design Biennale”, Somerset House, London
“The Solo Project art fair”, solo exhibition, Zamaken, l’ART EST VIVANT, Basel, Swiss
“3ajel, le temps réel”, Aïcha Grogi Gallery, Talan, Tunisia
“Intension”, Masnaâ #4, Venise Cadre Gallery,Casablanca, Morocco
“Cairotronica”, Symposium of Electronic and New Media arts, Cairo, Egypt
“La poétique de l’éther”, solo exhibition, DDessin (16) art fair, atelier Richelieu, Paris, France

“The 999 Game”, Design Week Dubai
“Post African Futures”, The Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa
“All the world is a mosque”, Fondation Kamel Lazaar, JAOU, Tunisia
“Remini scences”, Aïcha Gorgi Gallery, Talan, Tunisia
“Il manque les noms sacrés”, solo exhibition, La Boîte, Tunis, Tunisia
“+216”, La Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille, France

“Circumambulation”, Aïcha Gorgi Gallery, Talan, Tunisia

“Little Big Crunch”, Plateforme Gallery, Paris, France
“Digitale Afrique”, MP13, mcd and Planète émergences, Marseille, France “Images parallèles”, SIANA festival, Evry, France
“Fragile | HACH”, Hedi Turki Gallery, Tunisia
“Nuit Blanche”, French institute of Oran, Algeria
“Soirée Dessinée#6”, Talmart Gallery, Paris, France
“Place au 14 janvier”, Talmart Gallery, Paris, France

“BYOB”, Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin
“Objets son”, E-­-Fest festival, Abdellia palace, Tunisia
“Autoportrait”, B’Chira Art Center, Tunisia

“Frontières”, Les Bouillants festival, Rennes, France

“Festival CURRENTS”, Santa Fe, USA
“Festival RAFLOST”, Reykjavík, Island
“Festival City Sonics”, Mons, Belgium
“FEST”, Tunis, Tunisia

Art Award

Grand Prize for “Interstices” (Opus I & II), Japan Media Arts Festival, Japan

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (Top), Japan


Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, Paris, France
Cité internationale des arts, Paris, France

Kulturlabor, Goethe Institut, Tunisia

Svalholm – Danish Cultural Exchange & Performing Art, Denmark

Emile Zola, Junior High school, Choisy-le­-Roi, France